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Surfrock66’s Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-05

  • I'm getting chills watching the "making of" of pick of destiny, seeing Dio record his vocals for the album. He's truly evil. #
  • I sincerely consider "Pick of Destiny" my own rocky horror...I have the whole album on my ipod and have to sing along compulsively. #
  • Watching Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny...Best night ever. I love this movie, I should have been a stoner. #
  • why the hell does wordpress take all my freaking well laid out files and turning them all into one line? It's almost a deal breaker for me. #
  • Holy shit, a lot of people I knew/followed died this month. June 2009 was the month of the dead. I count 6. #
  • o snap and Franken wins...that's what I get for being offline in my first day in the office. The world has passed me by 🙁 #
  • Jesus. TPB sold and going legit? Plane crash? Firefox 3.5? iPhone using universal charger? Missed a HUGE news day. #
  • Switching from blogging every tweet to a "daily digest" summary of the days tweets, may go to weekly eventually. We'll see. #
  • Billy Mays is dead? This week is too much for me to handle. Every Mays product I ever used lived up to expectations 🙁 #
  • Best ad in the history of the til the end: #

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