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Support Our Troops! *Updated*

Gotta love that rhetoric, I sure do! I Support Our Troops, without questioning what their conduct or attitude is, gotta support em!

Teach the little ungreatful kids not to waste money on bottled water when it comes out of the tap for free! Plus he looks fat from eating all the time, he needed the exercise! And a good lesson in hard knocks that you don't always get what you work for. Support Our Troops!

See, this is why profiling works, now we know to look out for kids as terrorists. Let's start screening them at airports and stuff extra careful. And to think that the orders didn't come down to use deadly force. I almost used deadly force when a rock got kicked up by the car in front of me on the turnpike and broke my windshield, this officer must be unAmerican. Let's shoot those kids dead so they know not to throw rocks at us again. It's little terrorists like that that take away from the joy of the victory over there and how much the people love us. Support Our Troops!

Sorry, I can't even joke about this one, if they love being in the army, it's time to support our troops stay there so they don't come back home and become a burden on our country.

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