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  Well, it's certainly been busy times. 3 months, jeez, I'm boring. Here's the objective breakdown of my life:

  Moving to cheaper and unfurnished apartment with bret and Ryan, possibly as late as Aug 1.
  Jenn is living in Tally for summer, no job to speak of.
  I dropped my assistantship for summer since i have 2 classes and 2 internships, and I have Jenn and I want to take some time to get my mental health in order. I'll still do Night Staff in the Fall.
  Lots of summer projects, check the projects section, there's the dresser and the new Turtle Tank 3.0.
  I'm goin to CA for 4 days, 2 in Nor Call and 2 in So Cal. I'm actually on the plane while I write this and I'll post it some other time.
  Wedding planning, Jenn and I have picked some China out which you can see here. We also have some crystal chosen here and some fine silver chosen here. We also hope to look into a venue this weekend and have the guest list finalized.
  Exercise. Jenn and I are eating VERY healthy and working out every day, including running. Operation "get hot for the wedding" in full effect, but I feel that I'm getting healthier, it's a very good thing.

  Clearly, this is an insane time, I'm kind of doing better, the car is dead again but el warrantio is keeping it working for free. Taking housing off took it from impossible to hard, which is so much better. All in all, I may just make it to the end of this ride.

  X3 Rocked my socks off. I was so impressed, I practically peed myself. Beast is my hero. Kinsey is an awesome movie since I am him, Oceans 12 has the best cinematography and soundtrack I've ever seen, Tom Hanks is the best actor of our time, Tool and Avenged Sevenfold rock, South Park needs to stop just insulting other shows and be funny again, Monster House is off the air BOO, UFC kicks ass and I was the only person in the whole Hooters who knew Hughes was gonna win, MAN LAW, caaaaaalllll the poliiiiiiiiiiice, With a coat hanger next to the toilet, Ryan's Mom + Keith Forever, OH BOIEE!!!!!, eorrerrroerroerore, "Cause I'm the Juggernaut Bitch, I'll kill you rape you and eat your costume, I'll beat you Charles then I'll beat you with Charles", D Pitty's Hair Color, the vortex of weird, Ignant.

Focker, out.

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