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Rygel Living Up To His Namesake…

  This post will only make sense if you have watched the show farscape.
  Rygel likes to go under our outdoor deck and chew on things. Problem is, I can't get him out, and there could be snakes/rats under there, who knows. So I PAINSTAKINGLY covered the area outside the bottom of the deck with chicken wire to prevent him from getting in, he was very mad that day. Anyway, half a week later, we're playing outside and POOF! he disappears, only to show up at the INSIDE of the chicken wire under the deck! I have no idea how he got under there, he went behind this one bush first, and I looked there but the wire goes all the way to the edge and is tacked down well. I re-staked it down, and added more staples, and yet again 2 days later I was doing some landscaping and he went behind the same bush and appeared under the deck, and also popped right back out when he was bored. I have no idea how he gets under there, I've checked that you can't peel the wire back anywhere and he hasn't dug. He fully has a secret passage that I cannot uncover to the best of my ability.
  That's a good dominar. I know how those Peacekeepers felt when someone else small kept circumventing their security precautions.
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