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Redoing Bathrooms

Thought I'd show some updates to the work Jenn and I are doing to redo our bathrooms in the new house. All three full bathrooms had awful green 70's tile which we're removing and replacing. One bathroom (the master) has a green tub as well...we'll be getting that resurfaced.

The steps have been as follows:

  1. Remove old tile, being very careful to preserve it to donate to habitat
  2. Remove existing rotted drywall
  3. Clean all surfaces
  4. Put up concrete backer board
  5. Cut tile, apply mortar, put tile up (usually 4-5 stages per room)
  6. Grout tile
  7. Seal tile
  8. Apply Caulk
  9. Replace Fixtures

So, here's a pic of what this looked like before:

Then mid-process:

And finally, finished:

2 Responses to “Redoing Bathrooms”

  1. Graham Foster Says:

    Wow, sounds like fun. 😛

  2. William H Carlton Says:

    That bathroom was hideous, mate. Nice work. Reminds me of this:

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