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Raspberry Pi Shadowbox Case

Come on, no one reads this. However I need a place to show off my Raspberry Pi case, so I will make it go here.


  • Functional case for the Raspberry Pi as a media player
  • Attractive enough to pass the wife-approval test
  • Can end up near the TV without any furniture around it

So I got this idea...let's mount the thing in a shadow box. It can hang on the wall next to the tv, will have some air in the case to dissipate heat, can have all cables routed out one side, and can have a matte to hide internal wires.

Here's the results!


This is the mount, before any cabling is done.


Here it is up on the wall, with some of the cable management. The HDMI cable isn't done yet, so it's just hanging out the bottom.


On the wall, with cables in and power on, basically the finished product.


The finished thing, with raspBMC powered up and running.

2 Responses to “Raspberry Pi Shadowbox Case”

  1. Jason Bramwell Says:

    I like it. Nice and clean (Apart from the cable leading into it).

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