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Plea to G W Bush

Dear George Bush...

I know you led this country into an ill advised war. I know you hijacked faith and patriotism in order to further your personal agendas. I know you've filled the government of this country up with so many personal friends that it will be decades until we're rid of them all. I know you've used signing statements and the vito to extend your reach far into the legislative branch, and I know you've used pardons, denied subpoenas and fired opposition to gain reach into the judicial branch. I know your cohort Cheney has taken the opposite approach of removing himself from different branches he is supposed to be in. Under your care, Habeus Corpus has been suspended, freedoms have been restricted, speech is censored, opposition is squashed, America's position in the world has disintegrated and the general distrust for the government is at an all time high.

Mr. Bush, you've had quite a presidency, but there's one thing I ask you to accomplish as soon as you can.

Please get your dick sucked so we can finally impeach you and clean off the slate for the future of this nation.

- Joe

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