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Palm Pre vs. iTunes

I love my new Palm Pre, and I absolutely love the fact that it's fighting Apple with iTunes syncing. To recap, Palm shipped it saying "it syncs with iTunes" and Apple updated iTunes and basically said "Now it doesn't!" and Palm changed some things to fix it and is now saying "Now we can again!" It's a great cat and mouse game, and I hope Palm doesn't give it up.

This whole game is very similar to what we see with other devices being jailbroken or hacked, which is an important note. Palm, so far as a platform, has a very limited and closed app store, but it's a linux platform under GPL and should be the easiest to hack (it has been, you can get it into dev mode and use linux to root into the file system, I've seen an NES emulator already ported). The point I want to bring up is this: my love for the device will be GREATLY damaged if Palm takes steps to stop the hackers/jailbreakers on the Pre, which includes homebrew apps and tethering, especially given the way they're trying to circumvent Apple with the iTunes syncing. It would be pure hypocrisy to say to apple "we're circumventing your closed system to improve the user experience" and then turn around and say "hackers, we don't care if it improves things, circumventing blocks is bad."

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