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My gospel of “ctrl+scroll”

I have known this trick forever, and recently I've noticed I'm pretty much one of three people who know it at all. It was when some other IT guys at work didn't notice it, and not only didn't notice it but were really impressed with it, that i realized I need to spread the word of this gospel.

Hold the control key and scroll with the wheel on the mouse to zoom in and out.

Text too small to read? "ctrl+scroll." Content won't fit on a page to print? "ctrl+scroll." Need to make something bigger in word, excel, internet explorer, notepad, or almost any other windows program? "ctrl+scroll." I've used this since MS came out with the scrolling wheel mouse, and it's so useful I can't beleive everyone doesn't know it. I use it as much as "ctrl+c", "ctrl+v", or "ctrl+s". Use it people.

And lo, it was good.

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