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Man, Tough Day

Ah, I see you have once again stumbled upon my litle website. If you are reading this, you must know that I have strived to overcome the toils of my challenges, and in this case, I have succeeded. The math homework is done, here at 4:00 AM on Tuesday morning. And thus leaves me til 3 tomorrow to catch up on sleep. Yes, faithful readers, it is now my deep desire to please the masses of fans that keeps me from slumber. But the cause is worthwile. So, how am I? Tired and stressed, but generally ok. This was a killer weekend. I had a music midterm to finish which consisted of 3 essays, I had a computer science midterm to study for today, I had a math lab to do, I had an orientation leader project to do, I had physics to read, and I had a cart to build for the Muir 40, a soapbox race around the quad. My design for the perfect card is flawless, and can be viewed in the Cart Pictures Zip File. The coolest thing is that for weapons in this race, you can use anything you would be willing to eat, so we have some nasty food concotions ready for the big race. My new partner, David Crimper (AKA Crimp) and I are planning to annhilate the competition with everything from marshmallow goo to hot tomato juice, to possibly live worms. Yummy. But anyway, that project must be completed by May 11, the day of the race. Also this weekend, I was extremely sick, as I was getting over one of the worst colds I've had in most of my life. It was not fun. So, what does this week hold for me? I have another computer science project to begin on, but it's not due for some time. I have a physics quiz on Friday, so I'll be reading that. I'm compiling songs for the CD that we'll be using at Orientation, so that will be fun. I will be working on the cart all week, tons of fun. And, I'll be starting on next week's math homework, so I'm not stuck in a crunch again. I also would like to begin making a flash animation for the site, which I think would add a ton of needed pizzaz to this modest little site. Busy, huh? Well, I'll concentrate on the schoolwork first, then on the fun stuff. Man, can you tell I'm sleepy, I have nothing to say. I have been keeping a foil ball of the metal on gum wrappers, and it was the size of a golf ball, but on my way to my music lecture today, it fell out of my pocket and is gone, so I'm beginning a new one. (For those of you who can't sense the love I had for the old ball, I was literaly almost in tears when I realized I had lost it. That was a good month of solid gum chewing, down the drain. I hope to search for it tomorrow, if I wake up) Umm, how about this, I got these 2 funny/cute little programs in the mail this weekend. Virtual Viagra is this neat little thing that shows you what your mouse is like on viagra, just click to close the effect. The Sheep Program is this neat little desktop buddy that walks around and is funny. If you hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift and double click him, you can control him. To close him, click on him and press Alt+F4. You can have like 9 of them open at once, they're fun. OOOOHHHHH!!!! SPONGEBOB GAME!!! Go here! NEATO!!! Ok, well, I'm super sleepy, so until next time o faithful readers, check me out.

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