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Joe’s Taxidermy, You Snuff ‘Em, I Stuff ‘Em

Here I am again, yes, I'm sorry, I am still writing on this site, they haven't fired me yet. That would suck, it's my site. So, we gave my dad his gifts today, since it's his B-day, that was fun, and I made him a cake, and it fell apart. Yea. Not happy. Um, I got a new cell phone, the Samsung SPH-A460. I's freaking awesome, everyone should get one. Ok, new stuff. I found this website, it's got an offensive name but has some really funny stuff, I recommend the "funny laws" section. It's a riot. I'm trying to hit you with all my links, just do you start reading again. ALLRIGHT, I'M SORRY, I KNOW I DIDN'T WRITE FOR A DARN MONTH, I'M SORRY, AND I KNOW YOU ALL HATE ME, SO I'M TRYING TO WIN YOU ALL BACK WITH THE WIT I FIND ON THE INTERNET!!! POKE THE BUNNY!!! OK, I'M SORRY!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I'M SORRY!!! LOVE ME AGAIN!!! AGGGHHH!!! ::Joe passes out:: ::Joseph Gullo was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1:09 AM on September 3, 2002:: ::Joseph Gullo was taken to a better hospital where his condition was upgraded to alive at 1:10 Am on September 3, 2002:: Hey everyone, sorry about that, I get touchy sometimes. I'm coming to the end of my latest 200 CD movie wallet, time to start on the next. I'm excited. Umm, not much else news. Hang on, lemme check my favorites to look for more funny stuff. Nope, none. Night.

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