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IR Dongle Mod

This was clearly the most complex mod I did. I wanted to have the IR dongle always connected, but I hated that stupid dongle and how I had to remove it to ever use that 4th port. I saw this on the tutorials site, and tried it for myself.

IR Dongle 01
Here's the dongle I got. I should apologize now, I didn't think to use the macro function on my camera so all these pictures are crappy.
IR Dongle 02
I opened it up, you can see the IR receiver.
IR Dongle 03
This IR screen will come in handy later, so I kept it.
IR Dongle 04
A close up of the board, witht he receiver up front.
IR Dongle 05
To access the connector ports, you have to bend up the IR port.
IR Dongle 06
I desoldered the connections, 5 of them for the USB port, and ripped the connector off, so I could remove all of the plastic.
IR Dongle 07
I have these plug ports, I took one and placed a 5 pin/5 wire connection on it for later use. You'll see why.
IR Dongle 08
The back of the board has the holes there for the connector, which I wired to the female pin port.
IR Dongle 09
I took 1 inch pieces of wire and stuck them in the port holes.
IR Dongle 10
I used some hot melt to make a plastic plug as a male connector to these pins.
IR Dongle 11
After a little shaping and soldering, the male port is well formed.
IR Dongle 12
More hot glue to protect the connections.
IR Dongle 13
Using the old connector port, I made this removable controller connection. Now, if I ever get a new case or whatever, I can use the DVD dongle outside of the case should I desire.
IR Dongle 14
All Together
IR Dongle 15
Once Again, with the glue protection showing.
IR Dongle 16
See, it removes.
IR Dongle 17
I can even use the plastic case again.
IR Dongle 18
IR Dongle 19
This is to show the connection for the green LED which indicates when this port is receiving the 12 volts.
IR Dongle 20
To make this dongle automatically switch back to the 4th controller port when a controller is plugged in, we use this 12V 4 connection trip relay so that if 12V are detected on the 4th port the connection is switched. You also see the plastic hard drive chassy, which is the only good spot to put the relay.
IR Dongle 21
I dremeled the plastic out.
IR Dongle 22
Fits nicely.
IR Dongle 23
We need to connect to the ground of the 4th controller port eventually, but we dont' want to ground that out to the whole case, so we insulate the 4th port with electrical tape.
IR Dongle 24
Soldering a ground wire to the controller port.
IR Dongle 25
Soldering 12V from the power supply.
IR Dongle 26
I tapped into each of the controller port wires for port 4.
IR Dongle 27
All of those wires get connected to the side of the case to keep them out of the way.
IR Dongle 28
Labeling and connecting everythign to the relay.
IR Dongle 29
I found these pins to make another male connector this time without the janky paper clip wires, so I did.
IR Dongle 30
Marked the hole for the IR port.
IR Dongle 31
Dremeled it out.
IR Dongle 32
And it's a perfect fit!
IR Dongle 33
With everything, including the LED in.
IR Dongle 34
It's glued to the inside of the plastic.
IR Dongle 35
I had to do some nasty massive case wrecking, but it worked in the end.
IR Dongle 36
The connected relay.
IR Dongle 37
The port off, with the controller indication on and the IR LED off.
IR Dongle 38
And when the port is empty, the IR dongle is on, shown by the LED! There is only one problem, some 3rd party controllers don't draw enoguh current to trip the relay, but all the original Xbox controllers trip it, so I need to remember what I'm connecting where. I don't recommend doing this mod unless you really know what you're doing, it took a ton of time and effort, but it turned out cool!

6 Responses to “IR Dongle Mod”

  1. James Says:

    I’m curious how you removed the connector from the backplate. I can’t figure it out without breaking the backplate.

    Hope you can advise.

    I’m trying to replace the connector with an USB plug.

  2. Surfrock66 Says:

    Very careful use of a desoldering bulb and desoldering braid. It was several years ago, but I remember having a pain of a time at it.

    So you’re looking to make a setup so you can plug in the IR dongle to a USB port?

  3. James Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Yes I’m trying to make a setup to plug the IR dongle to a USB port.
    I’m trying to prepare a HTPC system (with XBMC) so read about the XBOX dvd remote kit that can be used as remote.

    I’ve already desoldered it. With some force I was able to seperate the PCB with the backplate+connector.
    The connector/plug is still attached to the hard plastic of the backplate and I see no way to remove it without breaking it. See

    Any tips?

  4. Surfrock66 Says:

    Man, that was like 2004 so I don’t remember specifically, but probably knowing I didn’t need the case I would have just dremel’d it away and not preserved it at all :/

  5. James Says:

    I was already afraid that you just broke the case.. I see no way in removing it.
    I will try to figure it out myself. If there is a way in there should be a way out (I hope).

    Thanks for the reply anyway…=)

  6. bidninja Says:

    This stands out as the very first time I have commented here and I ought to say you give genuine, and high quality info for bloggers! Good job.

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