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If I lived in Burma…

In Burma, thousands of people took to the streets in support of a Democratic regime change, and were met with Military force from the government, killing many and forcing many others to flee the country. Now, if I were a Burmese citizen and wanted Democracy brought to my country, looking at the world, how might I do that?

Well, it seems pretty obvious. Get to the US, blow up a building and spread intelligence that I had told the Burmese government about it and that they didn't stop me. My country should have the US military come in and offer a Democratic regime change within 4-6 months. Simple, much more effective than having monks march in the streets, and given that pictures of slaughtered monks show evidence that people are being killed it seems like a small price to pay to improve the lives of a country recieving little aid or attention.

I mean, we did it to countries that didn't really want Democracy, why wouldn't it work in a country that DID want it? Glad this is the reality of the world we live in, crafted by the US government.

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