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I can’t vote for Hillary Nationally

I had originally said I'd vote for whoever the Democratic candidate was, that I prefer Obama but I have to support the cause and get Bush's policies out of office. This is my main logic against Hillary's rhetoric of "I won this primary, which proves that I am the only one who can win this state, since if I win in a Hillary v. Obama contest, everyone who votes Hillary will eventually vote McCain if Hillary isn't the nominee." Aside from this associating herself with the Republican candidate more than the Democratic candidate, it's pretty stupid.

And that's my concern. I dislike Bush's policies, but what I dislike more is his refusal to read the writing on the wall. Let's look at some similarities:

Both are on paths of their own design to a goal that their supporters believe is sound, but the majority of people (who are not supporters) are repeatedly trying to make the case that the idea is more sound. Even as more people defect and the goals that are set forth aren't reached, the goals just change and we change the point of the contest. Key to this is making sure you only listen to the supporters (whose numbers continue to dwindle) and completely ignore the opposition, even if it's what's best for the country. Stay the course, and keep declaring "Mission Accomplished" early and often.

Neither one of them seems to be able to operate in a black budget. Deficit spending and a lack of transparency lay foundations for the form of government they lead.

Both are unwilling to look at the popular vote, but instead are willing to be elected by the courts. Hillary is using committee pull and willing to sue to get Michigan and Florida counted, even though they broke the rules that Hillary, Obama and Edwards signed in August 2006(? on the date.) Buck what the majority of nation wants, buck the fact that FL and MI didn't really get their voices heard, Hillary was the only one who was on the ballot so who knows what the constituents real voices say, but under the guise of "we want their voices heard" she "wants any vote that can count for her no matter if it actually represents what the people want."

Bush misspeaks all the time with stupid words, Hillary misspeaks with stupid elaborate made up fantasy stories about how her homestate is every state she's projected to win OH SHIT LOOK SNIPERS IN SCRANTON, PA.

Finally, Rush Limbaugh supports both.

Really? Think about it, policy aside (Hillary has policies, like the gas tax holiday, that side with McCain, not Obama) Hillary is a clone of GW Bush. I respect Obama so much for not going so far as to destroy any real hope of supporting Hillary if she wins, yet I feel she bashes him so much with her "shame on you" that I don't know how she can support him when he wins. Looking at what she does and how she's played this game, I can't in good faith vote for her. I can't vote for McCain, but she has played the game in such a way that where I once would have supported her by the "D" after her name, I can't vote for her ever.

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