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Gays unfit to be parents?

Let's all remember that two unwilling teenagers in Alaska have been deemed fit to raise a child, but a loving couple made up of two men or two women who have good jobs and a stable household in Arkansas are unfit to raise a child. Fuck the double standards that social conservatism has brought in this country, do you really think jesus would want to see a kid rot in an orphanage or foster home over being given care and full time attention? And in CA, people have decided to reverse all of the happy relationships that were authorized by the state in favor of some moral high ground? And here in NC, candidates slander each other by suggesting the other is an atheist? And for the presidency, people try to slander other people by associating them with a religion, when all they know about that religion is the extremes?

Fuck religion in this country. Fuck it all. You were given a constitution that allowed you to make your religion a personal decision. The founders were sick of people telling them what and how they had to believe in, and you take that and try to say "within the narrow realm of the accepted christian faiths?" The other day we were out with friends, and of everyone, I, the "amoral atheist," was the only one to never go to a strip club, never try a drug, and never drink before I was 21. I'm in a monogamous heterosexual marriage! I live a life more aligned with christian morals than most christians I know, who the MOTHER FUCK are you to tell someone else how to live based off your beliefs?

This is my declaration of war on religious oppression in our society. I've always been nice, I say my piece but allow you to say yours. If you think you can take the rights away from others, I'll fight with everything I have to take your rights away from you.

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