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  I went to Louisiana this weekend on a whim and had a great freaking time. I needed to get away from Tallahassee, and the chance to rebond with some people was so needed, I feel so regenerated even though I didn't sleep at all. I didn't do the spontaneous trip on a whim thing in undergrad; I kind of didn't do any spontaneous thing in undergrad, and now that I've left my old job and taken my life back into control, it feels so good to just do that every once in a while. Maybe I need to find value in it and do it more. Jenn and I will be together for 5 years as of tomorrow, hooray! We talked tonight about spontinaeity, and how we try to plan so much of our future out like when we can have kids and when we can get a dog and a house, and how much we're so often like, "We won't be able to do that since I'm in med school." But this weekend kind of showed me that you can't look at anything like that, I didn't have anything to do this weekend, and even though med school is busy there's afternoons and evenings off, you can't limit yourself because you think you know the future. "We can't care for a dog, how will we have the money, what if we're not home." Dani Su has a huge dog requiring much more care and she won't be living with her fiancee/husband, and she's in a similar financial situation as us. I think we can handle these things if we don't think "how can this work" and just do it. It is so unlike us, but we need to do it. Just a collection of links for now:

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