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Finally Moved

Well, here's the solution. Fuck the old apartment, the guys were nice but that's not enough to keep me in that shithole, victim to a rent increase and a severely tiring and inconvenient weekend, I moved into a new apartment. Here's some images.
Florida 3 01
Walking into the apartment, you can see the living room. People live there.
Florida 3 02
This is the first part of the living room, you can see the couches (not infected/ripped up/nonexistant). You can see some of the table action, and that's the door to Rachel's room.
Florida 3 03
The welcoming living room, with the door to the patio. You can see the table and the armchair, and some of teh Baron's new location. The drafting table is back there too.
Florida 3 04
This is the next part of the room where you get to see the entertainment center. It's neat. You can see the Baron and the window he gets to look out of. He's happy.
Florida 3 05
The entertainment center I bought, 150 bucks, and the 27 inch TV, 20 bucks. Plus, Rachel and I have a few thousand DVD's so now we can display them prettily.
Florida 3 06
What's that, the door and nook to Joe's room? right next to the front door? More to come.
Florida 3 07
Half one of the kitchen. It's near my room, you'll see.
Florida 3 08
Half two of the kitchen. BWOOP.
Florida 3 09
Well, I'm kind of tired of writing captions, so they're getting shorter. Nook in front of my door, guitars, blah.
Florida 3 10
Enter my room, see pretty color, wow, bed, lamp, part of desk, and little nightstand.
Florida 3 11
Bed, Desk, SUperstructure, Dresser with TV on it, notice the nice framed pictures.
Florida 3 12
Moving around, see the closet, and more of the dresser with the YV on it.
Florida 3 13
Closet open side 1.
Florida 3 14
Closet open side 2.
Florida 3 15
Matrix poster and bathroom door on the same side as the entry door.
Florida 3 16
Florida 3 17
Bathroom picture 1.
Florida 3 18
Bathroom picture 2.

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