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Evolution v. Religion: Fight Called Due To Logic

I'm sure it is no surprise I like to think, so I read this article and it made me think a bit. I believe that to many people, creationism and evolution are pitted against each other in an epic battle for which is absolutely right. I of course am not in the business of telling religious people what to believe, but I think that this antagonism is based on an oversimplification. Both sides are wrong. People believing in creationism think that if evolution is at all right then what they belive is all wrong, so they must fight it, and vice versa. No one should be so bold as to believe that they have a full understanding of how everything in history happened and how everythign works, whether it be a christian reading the bible or a scientist uncovering fossils. No matter what, a christian understands the world from the reading and interpretation of a book written by man, and a scientist understands the world from the examination and interpretation of evidence found based on previous evidence found. Neither one is absolutely correct. I tend to side with science because in the past, scientists have been willing to say, "Yea, we fucked up and had that backwards, let's move on." while some christians in the past have said "Fossil shows world created 4 billion years ago? You faked it or god must have planted it, either way shenanigans." There is no evolution vs. creationism debate, when it's presented it's always presented as "which of these is right and which is wrong," but the real debate is always "who is humble enough to admit they don't know everything." A creationist should be able to say, "Yea, that's compelling evidence, I can't say that's wrong but I still believe in god and creation of the universe so somehow the two must mesh," and a scientist should be able to say "Well, here's all this evidence, but there's no proof god doesn't exist, so I can't be so bold as to say those guys are totally full of shit, since you see none of us were there at the beginning of time to see how it really happened." Am I a hypocrite for being an atheist and saying scientists should tolerate religion? Maybe, even probably, though I think I'm pretty good about letting religious people be and not telling them to believe what I believe.

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