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Even A broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

  Far be it to me to reference the Pope as an authority, but in this article he discusses how the debate between evolution and creationism is BS. As I've noted many, many times before, enthusiasts in creationism are dumping on their own faith by saying that truth and faith must be mutually exlusive and cannot change, and evolutionists must acknowledge that you can't disprove god (though I'll be the first to say that not knowing how something originated does not give one permission to default to the "see, it must have been god!" argument) I applaud the Pope in this move which to me is a great step in the direction of ending animosity between creationists and evolutionists. Hopefully, one day people who are all just searching for truth can stop hating each other and just say "you have your explanation, I have mine, and until we see otherwise let's just be friends."

  P.S. Mom, how's that for "you're only willing to look at your perspective and jump to conclusions too fast?" I'm the anti-catholic, agreeing with the Pope. That's why I can vote for Ron Paul, a Republican, when I'm a freaking anarchist.

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