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Dropbox may be the greatest utility ever made. Dropbox, as far as I am concerned, completely obliterates the need for jump drives. It's cross platform, so it works on windows at work, linux at home (seriously, a utility that works natively on linux!) and mac for wherever. It's a folder on your computer that is automatically synched to a webspace, that is automatically synched to other computers I own. For example, if I have it installed at work, on my laptop, and on Jenn's laptop, I may write a cover letter for a job application at home one night, save it in dropbox, open it at work tomorrow (it's automatically updated) and edit it, save it, then e-mail Jenn and say "hey, can you look over this letter?" and she can just open it, correct it, save it, and it's done! No multiple versions, no losing jump drives, and if it's not installed on a computer, it has a web interface you can upload and download from. The free version gives you 2GB of storage. If I refer people to the service, I get an extra 250 MB of space, up to 3GB. I really recommend this service, and if you decide to try it out, click this link so I get the recommendation credit:

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