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Can I have 10 million dollars?

Guess what? Jenn's visiting today!!! Well, in like 8 hours. Actually, it's really late right now, and I totally shoul dbe asleep, but I finished all my crap this week, and I wanna play. Besides, Conan's on. Let's see. My friend showed me a REALLY, REALLY offensive website, which basically insults random people on the internet. I'm only giving you this link because it's important to educate yourselves about this stuff, and if you don't like this, don't get mad at me, I had nothing to do with this site: Hope some of you enjoy that. Umm, let's see, I'm designing a new case for my computer, made of plexiglass, and I have some preliminary drawings, available here. It's gonna be the fatty boom-batty shizzo-wizzy-izzo, you hella know what I'm saying foo? Anyway, I'm really out of other random files to show you all, and I knwo you all feed off of my stupid files. I have this, which isn't much. Ok, it's late, I'm out, later people.

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