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Behold the Incredible Fart!

For those who fear when terror may strike, we will be there. For those who seek justice, you can count on us. And for those of you who seek sanctuary at your most private moments, we will invade it. WE ARE THE BATHROOM SEX BANDITS!!! Yes, formed by Captain Zoomtard, the four of us, with Retardo Man, Captain Long John Silver, and myself, the Incredible Fart, will combate crime and propogate potty humor, securing the world and it's inhabitants until the end of time.
 Meanwhile, I'm ok. Not much new. I bombed my Math midterm (Actually, I got 20-something out of the first 30 points, then out of a possible 10 on the true or false section, I got -2.5) so I've been studying all day. Otherwise, I'm pretty bored. Erin came down from San Fran 2 days ago, so a bunch of the OL's and I went out to dinner, and then yesterday Sejal and Erin and I went to Seaworld. It was fun. Hmm, what else? I'm out of food. I have none. I can feel the weight falling off. Hmm, There's a new Duke Nukem game out, it's a 3D side scroller, and it's really cool. I've been playing it, it's actually pretty tough. Everyone should go download it. Oh, I've been working on my computer case, I have an extremely detailed design now, avaible here. That's neat, It's almost a reality. Hmm, what else? I bet i can say, "What else?" 200 times in this entry. What else? Here's a funny site, it has tons of games. What else? I wrote some more song ideas, actually, I was playing with my FX pedal and I came up with a new efect, and a bbunch of my messing around sounded ok on it, so I recorded it, available for your listening pleasure here. What else? If you like to look at case mods, there's a ton of them here. I have nothing to say, so I'm gonna study math. Bye.

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