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Back For The People, With Emphasis!

Ok, I've decided that this site needs new focus. It needs new direction. I know I'm kinda boring, I know not many of you care, but I've decided to now make an all out effort to go out, find things on the internet that are interesting, and present them to you. I swear, I will turn this site into the next Yahoo!!! All you need to do is tell people to read, and tell me if you like the site. So, without any further ado, I'm going to present my usual rantings, and then get onto the good stuff.
  So, here's what's been going down in the last few days, yo. As far as the computer goes, I'm working on the decorations. 'Nuff said. My dad and I like took apart my car, he was ocnvinced we could find what was wrong, but instead he just powerwashed the inside of the engine and replaced some of the fluids, and now the fan belts squeal. Great. Now my car just sucks. I redeemed it a little by taking off the bumpers and fixing them and putting them back on (I got hit once and Meg got hit once, they're ok but coming off a little and had messed up paint) So it's done. What else? I took apart the tuner I bought a year ago for 12 bucks, an ONKYO TX-38, which has CD, phono, 2 tape, 2 VCR control with AM FM and 16 preset memory, 4 55 watt channels, and a whole lotta sound, and tuned it up, there was a few things I didn't know how to work on it which I figured out. Man, lemme tell you people something. Buy broken stuff. I got this because it was supposedly broken, and when I got it I had it fixed in 5 minutes. Then, the camcorder I'm fixing. 15 bucks. When I got it, it had no picture coming through the viewfinder. Now, it has picture, but in putting it back together I messed up the record mechanism. When I fix that, I'll have a cool new toy. And the 10 buck 5 CD changer. And the 10 buck VCR. And 4 speakers I got from a stereo someone gave me to fix and abandoned. See? Cool stereo, less than 50 bucks. Beat that. Anyway, it works completely now, and I'm really happy. I'm working with Jason, my Ex roommate, on building an acrylic case for him, and that's gonna start tomorrow. What else? I was selected as a peer advisor at Muir, so that's really, really cool. I'm really excited and honored, so if you chose me for that, thanks, whoever you are. I'm all packed up to go to school the 12th, I'm going down for transfer orientation and bringing a bunch of stuff to Jenn's apartment, and storing it there until I move into mine. I don't get the key to my apt til the 20th, so I need to put my stuff somewhere while I'm there from the 16th. I have been busy here ripping DVD's and building new computers, otherwise I don't have much going on. If this whole dialogue seems a little disjoined, it's because I've been watching Lexx this whole time. Good show, I'll link you to the site soon.
  So now, onto the good stuff. First, as I promised, Lexx's Website Why is this show cool? It has all the geeky elements of your classic sci-fi drama: Space, space ships, aliens, the dead, computers, and explosions. But the thing that makes this show stand out is that it's go tmore girls in skimpy clothes than you can imagine. And the innuendos are charming. For instance, the dead in the show live off of protoblood. When the queen of the dead were about to kill Kai, the protagonistic dead, she is doing it to drain his blood for herself. She makes sure to tell him, "I plan to suck up every last drop of you." Every drop of protoblood, people. See? Cool show, dead killing other dead. OK, now onto the next cool thing. Like movies? So do I. That's why I like It's got all the info on new movies, and a lot of other cool stuff too. I used to do movie reviews for the school paper, and this is where I did all my research. Two thumbs up. Good site. Ok, last site for the day. DO you like to mess with things at home? Blow them up? Make smoke? Then go here for some home experiments. You'll like them.
   So that's it, have fun people, and I'll talk to you soon. Later fans.

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