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A conversation

(Joe and Jenn, after Joe watches the last Voyager, the second of Joe's favorite shows about humans getting stranded in distant space going home)

Surfrock66: I wanna go on a far away space ship and be stranded 🙁
JoesSilentAngel: 🙂
Surfrock66: Ima build a space ship
JoesSilentAngel: sigh
Surfrock66: wanna help?
JoesSilentAngel: well, ok
Surfrock66: ok
Surfrock66: we'll form 2 teams
Surfrock66: design and implementation
Surfrock66: I'll do design, you implement
Surfrock66: ok,
Surfrock66: design aspect 1:
Surfrock66: has to go light speed
Surfrock66: awesome
Surfrock66: you get on the implement part of that
Surfrock66: design aspect 2:
Surfrock66: big cup holders to hold intergalactic sized smoothies
Surfrock66: knew I wouldn't make it easy for you huh.
Surfrock66: design aspect 3: metaphasic deflection shielding
Surfrock66: I think you can handle that one
JoesSilentAngel: man, dat's not really fair!!!
JoesSilentAngel: you get all the easy work
Surfrock66: no way!
Surfrock66: fine, if you need to be a ninny
JoesSilentAngel: 🙁
Surfrock66: I'll work on the cup holder
JoesSilentAngel: but pinkin!!! dat's da easiest one!
Surfrock66: 😉
JoesSilentAngel: sigh

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