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7 Month Anniversary!!!

Ok, sorry I haven't updared the site in a few days, but I have my reasons. First of all, I have fought the battle of champions, on the battleground where heroes are made and martyrs are born. I have raised my sword in defense, and now I stand before you, a broken, defeated man. Yes, to those of you who know me, I have a cold. A rather bad one at that. But, I'm on every medication Jenn can find, and I've gone through literally 2 full boxes of kleenex, so hopefully I'll live through it. Let's see, Tuesday was spent for the most part of the day doing math homework, and then thinking about my music midterm. Wednesday sucked. Look at my schedule here, and remember that inbetween my CSE class and my OL training I have an hour long OL meeting, and after OL training i have an hour long Welcome Week committee meeting. Yes, for all those non-math majors out there, that's 8 hours of classes. Wow. And I have a cold. Now that you're all impressed with my supreme ability to withstand the elements (and my extreme sexiness) I'd like to inform you that I also went to the computer science lab to turn in my project, and I worked on my music midterm. What a day, huh? And you thought mondays were bad. So, yea, I'm sitting here, now, just thinking about how sad my nose is, when I became musically inspired. I decided to write a little improvisational song about how sick I am, and yes, I have it available here. Listen to it, remember I made it up as I went along, and when I make my CD, I'll send you a signed copy if you e-mail me here. So, this brings us to the focus of today. Today is Jenn and My 7 month Anniversary!!! YAY!!!! So, we're gonna go to a nice restaurant this weekend and celebrate, and it'll be a whole ton of fun. You all should look at her in my Jenn's Pictures Section. Ok, I have other stuff to do, so until then, my name is Joe-z, pronounced with an o-z.

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